Photobeam sensor For Boundary Wall Security System

Photo Electric Beam sensor:

Photoelectric Beam sensor  Dual Beam Detectors

One of our most popular Dual Beams, Photoelectric Detectors provides the most advanced features in a very attractive, compact weather resistant design. Included in our “MY” series are Dual Beam – Pulse Infrared, Sealed Optics, Variable Beam Interuption Time, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Metered Voltage Outputs, and Simple-To_Use Viewfinder for Easy Alignment.

  • Indoor, Outdoor Use
  • Dual Photo Beam – Pulsed Infrared, Sealed Optics
  • Alarm Trips Only When Both Beams are Interrupted
  • NO/NC (SPDT Form “C”)
  • Dry Contact Relay Output
  • No Heater Required
  • Variable Beam Interruption Time
    • 50 msec to 500 msec
  • Operational -13 F to 131 F
  • Kit Includes Wall/Pole Mounting Hardware
  • Detection Distance
    • 60 meters Outdoors (200 ft)
    • 120 meters Indoors (400 ft)
  • Color:  (Black)


Specifications MY-60
Coverage, Outdoor 60 m. / 200 ft.
Coverage, Indoor 120 m. / 400 ft.
Sensing Type Pulsed Active Infrared
Alarm Output Form A or Form B / NC/NO (selectable), 24 VDC / 200 mA
Alarm Duration 2 sec. ±1 sec.
View Adjustment Horizontal 180° (±90°), Vertical 10° (±5°)
Supply Voltage 11 to 26 VDC
LED Indication Power On: Green; Standby/Power On: Green; Alarm: Red
Current Draw 17 mA / 27 mA
Application Indoor / Outdoor
Temperature Range -25° C to 55° C (-13° F to 131° F)
Mounting Type Wall or pole mount
Construction Black polycarbonate
Weight Transmitter: 340 g (0.75 lb.); Receiver 350 g (0.8 lb)

Security Dual Photo Beams can be used as a perimeter alarm and detection system; great for invisible fencing needs.

75m / 150m / 250m Quad Photoelectric Beam Sensor- 4 Channel
P/N:  4PH-75BQE / 150BQ / 250BQ


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